The Teenage Carer Project



What do you get when you give six inexperienced but dedicated and wildly imaginative teenagers, audio visual gear and carte blanche?

This was the premise that underlined the Second Intitiative; giving a group of peers the tools and the freedom to express themselves in a safe, comfortable and non judgmental environment.

The Day

The Day

Convening at 9.30am on the hallowed grounds of LERIDA, at ARAFMI Central Coast, our group chatted and chirped for a good hour, and tossed a host of ideas around and over the table. Our participants were understandably somewhat shell shocked, what with being asked to dig deep, use their life experience, stand in front of, or behind a camera, wield a sound boom and place their trust in three complete (and overly zealous) strangers.

10.30am to 12.30pm; over snacks, tea (and lots of coffee for the adults) these six brave individuals brainstormed, conceived and storyboarded the wackiest little tale this side of Smith and his Crisps. A hasty discussion regarding soundscapes, special effects, props (well…potatoes) and the briefest of walk-throughs, our team then went off to lunch to mull over the consequences of producing something so "out there".

1.30pm to 3.00pm; the look of determination on the faces of our team of fresh faced film-makers, sealed the deal. They were going to make this short film by hook or by crook.

Congratulations to Jessie Armeni-Green, Sam Hunt, Hannah McCormac, Sunny Newman, Layla Robertson and Emily Watson. You did us all very proud, and we trust you are just as proud of yourselves.

Our eternal gratitude to our dedicated team at Central Coast Arafmi - Mental Health & More, especially Rhonda Boyle and Erin Kate.

Thank You Melinda Arnold and Jerry Retford of for their tireless efforts and use of their equipment, particularly the Blackmagic Production Camera, and our Thanks to Bill Deverson and her son Daniel for pitching in. Post production courtesy of Valman Productions.

Founder Val Athanassiou.

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