• Val Athanassiou

    Val Athanassiou
    Co-Founder | Actor | Producer | Director | Editor

    Val was born in Broken Hill, to parents of mixed heritage. Italian mother, a farmer. Romanian/Greek father, a surveyor; a job that saw the family shift across Australia from Coota to Sydney, all of which has contributed to giving Val a particular grounding and keen perspective into the immigrant way of life. Grass roots. Salt of the Earth. Family focused.

    The Graham Corry School of Drama guided his professional acting debut in the modern day interpretation of Aristophanes 'The Birds', acclaimed performances in numerous Short and Sweet productions followed. His love of singing and music culminated in performances at the Sydney Opera House (he sports a strong Tenor), and he has relentlessly pursued his love of performance and training through NIDA, Screenwise, 16th Street and Howard Fine with ongoing training and mentoring with Robert Marchand PhD, founder of the iconic CBI foundation.

    A formidable Actor trained in a number of disciplines, Val's solid work ethic ensures he is in constant pursuit of training and personal development. Val has life experience as a rural firefighter, coast guard, justice of the peace and brandishes qualifications in SCUBA, boating, civil construction, forklift operation, and possesses a working with children check & is an accredited Victoria Police firearms safety instructor.

    Val is a father of four, which rhymes with 'no more', hence he tries to come to terms with the fact that his swarthy Mediterranean looks may serve him for only so long.

    Val is known for his versatility and has no Plan B.

  • Melinda Arnold

    Melinda Arnold
    Actor | Producer | Production Manager

    Melinda has been performing in theatre since the age of 12 and has always had a love of the performing arts.

    Her formal training comprised of an Honours Degree in Performance/Literature/Creative Arts.

    Melinda has taken on the role of Producer/Production Manager for not for profit organisation Films4Change with enthusiasm and is enjoying being part of the creative team.

  • Jerry Retford

    Jerry Retford
    Actor | Producer | Director | Editor

    Jerry’s career in the creative arts has spanned almost 3 decades of classical and modern theatre, community arts and independent film.

    He has worked on both sides of the stage and screen as actor, lighting designer, director and producer, whilst craft and wardrobe skills have completely eluded him.

    His formative years were spent touring theatres in the UK and Europe, first as an actor and then concurrently as a lighting designer, eventually specialising in lighting design for contemporary and Indian dance.

    Recently, Jerry has been spending more time behind the camera and editing what he’s shooting, as the portfolio of projects with the new collaborative production company Films4Change continues to expand.

    Working with Films4Change is an absolute creative wellspring and Jerry is both proud and privileged to be a part of their dynamic and joyful team.

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  • Jerry Retford

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